The Most Inspiring Travel Websites For Planning Your Next Adventure

Whether you’re looking for a last minute summer holiday destination, planning a weekend get-away with the girls, embarking on a trip around the world or just need to feed your inner travel bug with some beautiful visual inspiration – it is always good to know where to look. Below you’ll find our favorite go-to websites for anything travel and adventure – wanderlust guaranteed.


Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle magazine Goop, is an excellent source for travel inspiration. Although some articles are a bit outdated (it’s been around for a long time now), the website typically provides excellent guides for your destination of choice, especially in terms of places to eat, where to stay and what to do. For some locations, they even provide customized guides for the specific theme of your trip – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed following Gwyneth’s recommendations. 


Founded by Serena Guen from her Dorm Room at NYU in 2012, SUITCASE Magazine is one of our absolute favorite go-to websites for travel inspiration. It’s both a quarterly print magazine and a website (updated daily), which combines chic travel and fashion in the most inspiring way. In addition to providing travel tips to literally any destination you can dream of, the site is also an oasis of beautifully curated visual inspiration.


Although Airbnb is primarily known as a website for finding more personalized vacation rentals, it’s actually a really great online destination to gather some inspiration and information for your next trip. Not only does the website offer amazing (and often cheap) places to stay, but also specific neighborhood guides and detailed descriptions of the type of areas you’re thinking of visiting, as well as things to do. Airbnb is great for both eliminating places that do not fit in with your holiday plans – and for discovering new dream destinations.


Instagram is a very obvious source for travel inspiration –  it is pretty much travel inspiration heaven. Visit accounts such as @condenasttraveler, @suitcasemagazine and @travelandleisure – and then let those accounts lead you to other accounts that lead you to other accounts … until you’ve decided on where to travel next. #Hashtags can be very useful too, and even more so when you’ve decided on a destination. 

Design Hotels

Whether you’re a bit of a hotel snob or not doesn’t really matter – this website is very inspiring (but if you are a hotel snob, this website is extremely inspiring). Browse through beautiful boutique design hotels located all over the world and click your way to your next travel destination – decided only by your preferences and imagination (and perhaps your wallet).


This website is great inspiration if your trip has a theme, a budget or a specific purpose. It contains articles on all travel topics you could possibly come up with, and travel guides on anything from newly opened hotels and best romantic hotels, to budget travel and anything in between. They even have a category labeled “Inspiration” containing all you could ever ask for.

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