5 Ways To Live (a little) More Sustainably

Every day we make choices that have an impact on the environment, ranging from the way we eat to the way we choose to travel. We hear it all the time – our planet is suffering from our carelessness and consumption. So what can one single human being do to make things a little easier for mother earth, without compromising the stuff we love, like traveling, eating the foods we crave and exploring?

Contrary to popular belief – living in a more sustainable way does not necessarily mean living without luxuries, but rather being aware of your resource consumption and reducing unnecessary waste. There are small changes we can all make for the greater good that are simple, manageable and requires minimal effort, whilst still having a positive impact on the environment (and your health!) – read on to find out how you can make a change for the better.

Eat More Fresh

Instead of buying your plastic-packaged veggies from the supermarkets, make a routine of picking up fresh vegetables and fruit from your local grocery shop on your way home from work or school. By doing this, you’re supporting the local community, you are most likely reducing your food waste and you will  also start to have a more frequent turnover of fresh veggies and fruit in your diet, meaning you will eat healthier and better. Simple and manageable, right?

Say No To Unnecessary Plastic

Yup, you’ve heard this before, but in order for our planet to survive we need to reduce our excessive use of plastic. For example: stop picking up plastic bags for your fruits and vegetables (you can rinse them in your sink), and make a conscious effort to choose products that are not packaged in plastic. Bring a lightweight shopping bag wherever you go, buy the largest containtars of toiletries/nuts/whatever you need, say no to plastic straws and coffee lids, and buy products that you can recycle or use more than once. Exchange your plastic razor for one  in steel, your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one, and get yourself a wooden dish brush, reusable water bottles and coffee cups in stainless steel – to start!

Shop Less First Hand

This does not mean you need to stop following trends, but take a good look in your closet to see what you’re actually using during a week. Do you really need that new sweater from ZARA? There are so many cool vintage and second hand shops around, and by shopping second hand you’ll get a more personal style whilst also making an impact on the environment. New startups are also letting you rent designer clothes, so what about renting a beautiful dress the next time you’re going to a wedding or a big event? Or why not lend that gorgeous gown from your friend that she used last summer for her birthday? Trading and renting clothes is definitely the new and sustainable way of shopping.

Eat less meat

Yup, you’ve heard this one before too, but eating less meat can, in addition to being great for the environment, turn you into a way more creative cook. Explore that lentil soup you’ve seen a thousand recipes off, or the falafel place your friend posted a photo of. What about trying out a vegan or vegetarian meal the next time you’re at a restaurant? Or replacing your burger with a plant-based one that you can buy at the store? Be curious, creative and explore, meat-free cooking will most probably surprise you in a good way!

Give the menstrual cup a chance

I know it feels weird – I was one of the sceptical ones myself. However, you need to give it a try! If you don’t like it, that’s fine, and if you do, why don’t you exchange your tampons for a reusable menstrual cup?

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Malene Emilie Rustad
Contributor, Journalist

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Malene Emilie Rustad

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Malene Emilie Rustad

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