Los Angeles: The Best Coffee Shops For Working Remotely

Whether you’re on vacation, workation or live in the city of angels, there will be a time when you’re gonna need a place to send some emails, prepare a presentation, write up an article or just enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. We’ve created a list of our favorite coffee shops to make the process of finding the right spot in the huge city of Los Angeles a bit easier for you.

Photo credits: Intelligentsia Coffee

Intelligentsia Coffee

3922 West Sunset Blvd.

Neighborhood: Silver Lake

Other Branches: Venice

Located in LA’s cool, artsy capital of freelance culture, Silver Lake, Intelligentsia Coffee is a great place to spend your day surrounded by other creatives. The place has a friendly and creative atmosphere and since pretty much everyone is there with their mac, all you have to do whenever you’re getting up to get a new coffee or use the restroom is give the person next to you a glance and they’ll know to watch your things. It’s LA, so talking to people is inevitable, but the intimate seating arrangement at Intelligentsia makes it even easier. The coffee is awesome too.

Photo credits: Coffee Commissary

Coffee Commissary

801 N Fairfax Ave.

Neighborhood: West Hollywood

Other Branches: Hollywood, Culver City

This little WeHo spot is great for getting some work done, catching up with a friend on a Sunday afternoon or reading a book in the sun. The outside space is fun and busy whilst the inside provides a nice and chilled work environment; the more silence you need, the further inside you move – simple as that. They do a mean iced coffee and their cakes are amazing. 

Photo credits: LAMILL Coffee Boutique

LAMILL Coffee Boutique

1636 Silver Lake Blvd.

Neighborhood: Silver Lake

Other Branches: LAX

LAMILL is another perfect freelancer dream destination in Silver Lake. Judging by its appearance, the place seems more like a cute cafe or restaurant than a coffee shop, but a lot of people spend their day here accompanied by their mac’s. That being said, the quality of the coffee is top notch and the food menu too; items ranging from fresh salads to tasty pastry. 

Photo credits: TOM'S Flagship

Toms Flagship

1344 Abbot Kinney Blvd.

Neighborhood: Venice

Other Branches: No

Conveniently located on the coolest street in the world, Abbot Kinney, the coffee shop at TOMS Flagship Store is a great place to get some work done when in Venice. The atmosphere is very comfy and relaxed, and the seats are mostly occupied by people on their laptops. The availability of tables is quite scarce, but they have a staircase seating arrangement in the back that makes for the perfect spot for you and your workload. 

Photo credits: Black Bicycle Cafe

Black Bicycle Cafe

1051 N Havenhurst Dr.

Neighborhood: West Hollywood

Other Branches: No

If you wanna hide away a little bit and do your thing in peace and quiet (which can be challenging in a city like LA), Black Bicycle Cafe in West Hollywood is the place to go. It’s kind of a hidden gem, which makes working from there feel a little secretive an special. The coffee is amazing but the food might be even better –  AND it’s organic and vegan too.

Photo credits: Caroline Sandermoen

Alfred Coffee

8428 Melrose Place

Neighborhood: West Hollywood

Other Branches: Silver Lake, Brentwood and Melrose Avenue

Alfred is still the coolest kid in town. The Melrose Place branch gets busy but it’s a great spot if you love people watching – and it’s mostly filled with people working and doing their thing. Although this place is a hot spot (and you have celebrities and socialites running in and out picking up their matcha lattes), the outside area makes a lovely little work space. If you wanna try Alfred but avoid the busyness, check out the Silver Lake branch. The coffee at Alfred is great but their yoghurt and granola is the best I’ve ever tried.

Photo credits: Caroline Sandermoen

The Bourgeoise Pig

5931 Franklin Ave.

Neighborhood: Hollywood/Franklin Village

Other Branches: No

Ok, so the Bourgeoise Pig is actually a secret, so don’t go telling all your friends about it. Located discreetly on Franklin Avenue, this hidden coffee shop has one unique factor that separates it from the other coffee shops: it stays open until 2am every single day. Despite looking and feeling like a bar, they do not serve any alcoholic beverages and most of the people in there are deeply focused on their work. It is literally the perfect sport for when you need to do some late night work and don’t have anywhere else to go. Find a spot, get a cup of tea and enjoy a delicious vegan cookie whilst getting shit done.

Photo credits: Caroline Sandermoen

Stories Books and Cafe

1716 W Sunset Blvd.

Neighborhood: Echo Park

Other Branches: No

Stories Books and Cafe is a hidden little gem located in one of our favorite areas of Los Angeles, Echo Park. If you’re the kind of person who gets inspired by flicking through books and people watching, this is definitely the perfect remote work spot for you; the hipster scene and interesting selection of books will never fail to amaze. If you get hungry, they serve a selection of breakfast/lunch dishes, such as oatmeal or avocado toast and their coffee is delicious. The seating is quite sparse though, so get there in the am.

Photo credits: Caroline Sandermoen

Verve Coffee DTLA

8051 W. 3rd Street

Neighborhood: Downtown LA

Other Branches: Yes

Whether you need to respond to a few quick emails or a place to spend your whole workday, Verve coffee is the perfect DTLA remote work spot; there is plenty of seating, the wifi is great, the coffee is delish and the space is beautiful. In addition to warm beverages, they serve yummy cold pressed juices and simple breakfast and lunch dishes too.

Photo credits: Caroline Sandermoen

Blue Bottle Coffee

1712 Sunset Blvd.

Neighborhood: Echo Park

Other Branches: Yes

Blue Bottle Coffee is one of those rare spots without wifi always filled with people on their macs and laptops. The bright and spacious coffee shop is the perfect location for when you just need to go offline and just focus on your writing. Located in the (beyond) cool Echo Park, this specific location is perfect for people watching too. And the coffee is obviously amazing.

Photo credits: Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina

1001 Venice Blvd.

Neighborhood: Venice

Other Branches: Yes

Connected to the Deus Ex Machina shop, this cafe is the perfect remote work spot for when you’re feeling extra cool and extra social. The community style tables makes it super easy to connect with other people, but if you’re looking for a more private work spot, you’ll find that too. The menu consists of a simple selection of paninis, pastries and fruit, and obviously great coffee.


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