Oslo: The So/Ambitious Vintage and Second-Hand Guide

One of the easiest ways to obtain a more sustainable lifestyle is through buying fewer items of clothing of higher quality and/or buying second-hand or vintage pieces rather than new ones. By giving away your own used clothes and buying pre-loved items, you are actually directly contributing to the recycling system. The ‘fast fashion’ industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, and by spending your money on second-hand or vintage pieces rather than fast fashion, you are actually making a direct impact towards a more sustainable world.

If you know where to look, you can find anything from extraordinary party dresses and beautiful designer bags to Levis denim jeans, limited edition sneakers or gorgeous vintage jewelry. If you widen your horizon, a whole world of pre-loved magic lies before your feet.  

So, whether a vintage-queen or a second-hand sceptic, here is a guide to our favorite vintage and second-hand spots in Oslo.

Photo Credits:http: Velouria Vintage

Velouria Vintage

Thorvald Meyers gate 34

Velouria Vintage is one of Oslo’s more famous second-hand stores, and with good reason; the Grunerløkka gem has a wide range of beautiful clothes, shoes, bags and accessories from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. They also have a great selection of Levis jeans, band t-shirts, leather goods and designer accessories. If you’re looking for a vintage Louis Vuitton or Chanel, you might have a good chance of finding the pieces you have been dreaming of  here.

Photo Credits:http: Reprise


Schweigaards Gate 52

In the Old Town of Oslo, Reprise is definitely the store to visit. The owner, Anette, might just be the world’s nicest store owner too! The tiny second-hand store offers some of the coolest party dresses and colorful coats around. Definitely a must-visit in Oslo.

Photo Credits:http: Le Placard

Le Placard

Majorstuveien 17 A

Le Placard is a super cute and newly opened second-hand store in Majorstua, which sells shoes and accessories from exclusive brands like Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Balmain and more. If you’re looking to get your hands on some pre-loved designer treasures, this is definitely the place to check out.

Photo Credits:http: Kanari & Fløyel

Fløyel & Kanari

Fredrik Stangs gate 35

This fabulous store offers a wide selection of nicely used amazing vintage clothes. Absolutely everything in this store is luxurious, super cool and/or glamorous. They carry anything from Armani and Burberry to Nike and Calvin Klein. And the prices? They are pretty good too.

Photo Credits:http: Fretex


Our favorite locations: Olaf Ryes Plass 3 / Universitetsgata 20 / Ullevålsveien 12

Fretex is a chain of second-hand stores owned by the Salvation Army. The prices are amazingly low, and here you can really find a golden treasure. The biggest one in Oslo is located in Alnabru, where you will find clothes and shoes, books, and old and new furniture. The one located in Universitetsgaten is closer to the city centre and has a good selection of clothes, scarves and purses and there is also a great one located in Grunerløkka.

Photo Credits:http: MA Vintage

MA Vintage

Briskebyveien 28

Located in the charming area of Briskeby, MA Vintage offers designer pieces of high quality. Here you will find bags, clothes and accessories from Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Celinè, Valentino, Prada and Isabel Marant – barely worn. This is not a cheap vintage store, but you can find and invest in some magical items that you will cherish forever.

Photo Credits:http: Studio Bazar

Studio Bazar

Ullevålsveien 47A

One of the most unique clothing stores in Oslo is, in our opinion, Studio Bazar, located in cosy St. Hanshaugen. Here you will find a combination of new and used clothes, scented candles, toiletries, sustainable underwear, and an amazing selection of handmade dresses and kimonos.

Photo Credits:http: Fabel Vintage

Fabel Vintage

Ullevålsveien 37

Fabel Vintage is an old retro looking shop, perfect for the nerdy and intermediate second-hand shopper. This authentic vintage shop will have you dreaming away and searching for treasures you didn’t know existed for hours. It’s located right down the street from Studio Bazar in St. Hanshaugen.



Photo Credits:http: UFF Norge

UFF Vintage Heaven

Jernbanetorget 2

It’s all in the name. At UFF Vintage Heaven, you’ll find some very unique and creative pieces as long as you take your time looking through the store. You’ll find vintage dresses from the 80’s, silk scarfs, cool jackets and the usual Levis jeans. Prices are good, but be ready to go on a treasure hunt.

Photo Credits:http: Robot


Markveien 53

Robot is definitely one of the coolest second-hand stores in Oslo. Here you will find everything from Levis jeans and super cool leather jackets to funny-looking sunglasses and other fun items to add to your wardrobe.


Photo Credits:http: Frøken Dianas Salonger

Frøken Dianas Salonger

Markveien 56

This romantic store is filled with cute dresses, tops and jewellery. It’s a spacious store with 50’s and 60’s inspired clothes. A must to visit if you’re at Grunerløkka.

Photo Credits:http: Ny York

Ny York

Markveien 58

Ny York is a hidden little gem in the hipster area of Oslo that carries cheap retro treasures from the 80’s and the 90’s. You will find hats, dresses, belts, skirts, bags, jeans and shirts. The prices are probably the best thing about the place, it is super affordable.

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