4 Scandinavian Online Destinations To Get Inspired By This Weekend

Scandinavia Standard

Scandinavia Standard is an online magazine written in english focusing on all things cool and trending in and about Scandinavia. Their motto is: ‘We live here. We chose to live here’, which speaks for the level Scandinavian passion dedicated to providing great content about this beautiful place on earth accessible to anyone interested.

Nordic Style Magazine

Focusing on Nordic style, fashion, culture and beauty, Nordic Style Magazine is one of out go-to destinations for all things cool and beautiful. Check out this website for inspiring daily updates from all the Nordic countries.

Oak The Nordic Journal

Oak is a gorgeous biannual publication featuring articles on art and design, architecture, travel, food and more, but their website is also, although it only contains excerpts from the articles published in the actual publication, an incredible source of inspiration and a frequently visited one when we’re just craving something really really beautiful to look at.

The Doyennes

The Doyennes is a beautiful website showcasing inspiring women doing great things – clearly this website is right up our ally, and a great source of inspiration, empowerment and girl power.

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